Why are we better than other chain store that offers photo book products?
Firstly we offer much more flexibility in how your images are portrayed, especially in the photobooks. That's because you can download our unique, very powerful AO: Photobook creator designer software which allows you to drag in your own images, change the shape and position and add text very easily. We also offer numerous templates and art work for you to enhance your customized photo book.
Secondly, we are a professional printer with experience in printing for over a decade. We use only the best digital printing equipment, HP Indigo to produce our photo book products. HP Indigo is not a photo copier; it is the best digital printing equipment for professional printers around the world. We believe in providing professional quality products for you at a reasonable price. Once you receive your photo book, you will immediately realize the quality difference between our products and other products available in the market. We have our own retail outlet and you are welcome to visit us anytime to experience the printing quality difference. Memories are priceless and you should choose the best printer like us to have your photos published and pass on for your future generations.

Why do you have to download our AO: Photobook Creator software to make your photo books?
We want you to be able to put your images wherever you want on the page, in the shape and size you want. You can directly order your photo book through the software and do not need to have the files copied and bring to a retail shop to have it processed. Your photo book can also be sent to you by mail or you can choose to have it pick up at our retail shop. Everything can be done in the comfort of your own home or office. Other photo book chain store simply can't offer this flexibility. It takes just a few minutes to download our unique, powerful software, and once it's on your computer it's so easy to use and gives you complete control. Best of all, our software is totally free of charge.

How do I download your software?
It's easy. Just click here HYPERLINK "http://aophotobook.com/fotobook_download.php" http://aophotobook.com/fotobook_download.php , and follow the instructions on your screen. It does it all for you. Our software is compatible to both Mac and PC, that's flexibility. Once our software is installed on your computer you can start making your personalized calendars, photo books, photo albums and prints straight away.

How long does it take to download the AO: Photobook Creator software?
You can expect it to take less than three minutes, if you have a broadband connection of 6 mb or more.

Will your software damage my computer?
No. Our unique software has been fully tested and de-bugged to ensure it is compatible. It has been successfully downloaded and used by thousands of customers all over the world.

What happens if I get warning triangles with the 'low quality message'?
Most images will reproduce fine in the printed product. If you have images from a mobile phone or a low Megapixel (2 Megapixel for example) camera then the finished print quality will only be as good as the image provided.

Can I re-order the same book without having to upload my pages again?
Yes - AO: Photo Book will retain all files for three months, just email our customer service team to re-order your product. If it has been more than three months you have to upload your pages again. Can I cut and paste text from other packages into AO: Photobook Creator?
Yes - use Ctrl-C to copy from your package and then open then double click your text box on the AO: Photobook Creator page and Ctrl-V to paste the text into the text box.

How do I crop an image after I have placed it into a picture box?
Double click on the photo that you want to crop. The image box editor will open and then you can define the area you want by 'drag and drop' and resize if required.

Can I select my own image as a background?
Yes - 'Drag and drop' the picture onto the page, right click your mouse and select fit to page or spread.

My picture resizes when I rotate it, what can I do to fix this?
You will need to open the picture box, by double clicking and select the area of the picture that you want to be displayed by drag and drop.

What do I do when I am informed of updates?
Check the updates and choose whether to update the software. If you select any of the boxes available to update then just press start button and the software will automatically start the update process. You may need to restart your computer for the updates to take effect - the help box on your screen will tell you. Will I pay extra for shipping/posting?
For local Hong Kong delivery or pick up at our retail shop, NO. It is absolutely free. For all other countries, please check out our shipping info for additional charges.

What payment methods do you accept?
You can pay via credit or debit card using our secure ordering process. There is no extra charge for paying by credit card. We accept all the leading credit card Visa, Master, Alipay and Union Pay. All transactions will be through our secured payment gateway provided by world renowned Asiapay (Paydollar).

Can you ship anywhere in the world?
Yes we can. Please check out our shipping details on our website for charges on different countries.

Do you have Premium Express delivery?
Not at the moment.

What is the standard delivery time for orders?
Standard turnaround is 9-10 working days.

What do you use for delivery?
For local Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, we use reputable courier service. For other countries, we use normal posting.

By the AO: Customer Service Team